Friday, September 11, 2009

Internet Explorer With Didescreen Monitors

If you have a high resolution widescreen laptop and you are using Internet Explorer 6 , and for some reason your GIF and JPG files are somehow blurred, it could be that IE is trying to adjust to the widescreen. What you can do is right click on your desktop and select Properties. Click on Settings and make sure that the screen resolution is supported by your monitor.
Let's look at this case. You have a widescreen monitor, Windows XP operating system and Internet Explorer 7. When you change the monitor resolution to its max.( say 1920 x 1200), the text and graphics were too small to see and read. Then you change the setting to 144 dpi, or 150% viewing size. This worked well with the Windows text, but when you open Internet Explorer 7, the web page image and text filled only 1/3 of the page, the rest of the page is blank. The text and graphics of the web page were very small and difficult to read. If you try to change the text size to largest but it will not change the font size at all.This is somehow a common problem.

The problem is caused because of the way web pages are made and can't be fixed easily (if at all), it's better to try to set the Monitor resolution to something smaller like 1280x768, you only need very high resolutions for things like professional image editing.

using a smaller monitor resolution will (useally) also enable you to run at a higher Refresh Rate which is more pleasing to the eye.